New 14mm mount CL series panel LED

Markus Affolter

St.Paul, MN – March 30, 2017

Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc., a subsidiary of LED10mm plui2AMicroprecision Electronics SA, is introducing its new 14mm mount CL series panel LED for industrial and outdoor applications. The CL series incorporates a 10mm LED available in red, green, yellow, blue and bicolor options. Pre-wired with internal resistors, the indicators can be configured for voltages up to 60 VDC or 120/240 VAC.

The robust M14 size metal housing is designed for panel thicknesses up to .394“ (10mm) and is resistant to shock and vibration. Fully filled with epoxy and equipped with a front sealing gasket, the indicator offers IP67 front and back sealing for outdoor use.

Possible applications include agricultural and construction equipment, forklifts, cranes and transport equipment, remote control systems for forestry or freight handling equipment, industrial machinery, military and aircraft equipment and many more.

Microprecision Electronics SA is a manufacturer of industrial microswitches amd LED indicator lights with manufacturing in Switzerland and the USA.

For more information contact Microprecision Electronics SA, Switzerland, at +41 24 481 4343 or Wilbrecht LEDCO Inc., St.Paul, MN at 651.659-0919.

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CL serie LED 10mm
CL serie LED 10mm

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