ATEX omnidirectional battery trolley – Capacity 35 ton

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Morello designed and manufactured an ATEX omnidirectional battery trolley certified for hazardous area Zone 1

As in every offshore platform the space is very narrow, that’s why this ATEX battery trolley is omnidirectional/multidirectional; it means that it can do any kind of steering: 90°, carousel (turn on itself), diagonal, compass, front steering, …

Furthermore this ATEX battery trolley has all wheels driven (8 wheels in total). Thanks to this feature this trolley can work in very harsh conditions, in fact grip is often a problem on FLNG due to the steel deck and to the ship pitch and roll.

All electrical component are ATEX (IECEx) certified and the minimum protection grade is IP 65.

This ATEX omnidirectional battery trolley is also equipped with a device that allow to disconnect the battery in ATEX Zone 1, in order to change it whenever is needed.

All bolts and nuts are in stainless steel and painting cycle is C5-M in order to protect the ATEX omnidirectional battery trolley by the high corrosion of environment in which it will work.


35 tonnes – 3.400 x 2.200 mm

Main features:

Capacity: 35 ton

Steering: multidirectional (90°, diagonal/crab, carousel/360°,…)

Power supply: battery

Drive motors: AC brushless motors

Driven wheels: all wheels driven (8 wheels)

Steering motors: AC brushless motors

Dimensions: 3.400 x 2.200 mm

Travel speed: 1,8 km/h with full load

Battery life: 4 hours continuous operation

Command: radio remote controller

Climbing ability: 5 %

ATEX / IECEx certification: Zone 1 IIB T3

ATEX omnidirectional battery trolley – Capacity 35 ton
ATEX omnidirectional battery trolley – Capacity 35 ton

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