Efficient Safety Nano–M SMJ camera Video system with 5,8 GHz

NBB Controls + Components GmbH

Radio control systems as well as cable control systems and infrared control systems are increasingly used in many industries such as forestry and municipal vehicles and systems. The functional safety of the product and system is always in the foreground for all of these professional applications. Besides there is the market development towards a higher machine and product intelligence that leads to further functions of the controls like machine management and machine controlling.

Therefore, the safety requirements set high standards for the quality and sophistication of all technical components, particularly for a radio control system.

NBB Controls + Components GmbH with head office in Ölbronn-Dürrn, implements a camera video system in the Nano-M SMJ transmitter. This extension enlarges the safety function of the remote system generally. As a result of precise display of the live camera pictures on the control the user can always - at any location - be aware of the situation round the machine and prevent accidents in the working area.

The camera system is a multiplexing principle, that means that a connection with up to 8 cameras is possible. The cameras can be installed at different places in the working area with connection to the receiver, to a maximum distance of 40m. Via a switch on the transmitter the selection of an individual camera or data display is possible. This system is designed as a single-cable solution which requires only one common connection cable for power supply and video signal.

The complete system will be supplied by NBB and is available in with 5,8 GHz.

Efficient Safety  Nano–M SMJ camera Video system with 5,8 GHz

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