Flexible designed solutions for remote controls

NBB Controls + Components GmbH

Made in Germany

High manufacturing penetration as a quality factor

From the development of the Printed circuit boards and software to the specially manufactured antennae, NBB carries out all the relevant development and production processes in House at Germany.

The manufacture of all mechanical and electrical components is monitored by independent test institutions.

There is a 100 % final inspection after final assembly. Every system is tested in a fatigue test. Repaired equipment is also subjected to this procedure.

High-frequency test chamber

The NBB high-frequency test chamber enables performance tests and data collection runs under completely isolated high-frequency conditions.

This equipment is used for test requirements as part of further developments and for quality assurance measures.

QS certified

NBB has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1995. The basis for our entire activities and our success is the quality of our products. We do everything to maintain our high quality standard and look for new ways to make additional improvements. The foundation of our success is the highly qualified and motivated staff and the above-average cost of a future-oriented development.

Flexibly designed complete solutions for radio control systems
Flexibly designed complete solutions for radio control systems

PocketEvo ®- the new generation

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