NEW PM-THC & PM-RTD 1/8 DIN Temperature Meters

Craig Martin

Jumper-Selectable Thermocouple or RTD Input

SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, A Division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORP., has released its new PM-THC & PM-RTD 1/8 DIN Temperature Meters with Jumper-Selectable Thermocouple or RTD Input. The PM Series is a versatile panel meter line with a multitude of input and output selections, designed specifically for process temperature monitoring and automated control applications. PM-THC units can be set to accept J, K, T, E, N, R and S thermocouples each with 2 calibrated ranges in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius with selectable 1° or 0.1° resolution. PM-RTD models can accepts four platinum, two nickel and two copper RTD ranges in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius with adjustable 1°, 0.1° or 0.01° resolution. Displaying in Rankin or Kelvin can be easily programmed with an offset in the menu. Universal AC or DC power options enable flexibility with usage in various power situations. Optional 8 A contact or 120 mA solid state relay outputs, plus an analog process signal output with 4 user-selectable current or voltage ranges are available. To provide a higher level of communication and integration into a system’s network, several communication protocols such as RS-232, RS-485 and even USB options may be selected. These temperature meters possess exceptionally quick read rates to 60 conversions per second, while integrating the signal over a full power cycle. This fast read rate feature is ideal for peak or valley capture, on/off setpoint alarm or control applications.

The excellent offering provided by the PM-THC & PM-RTD Temperature Meters with Thermocouple or RTD input make them extremely versatile, enabling them to be utilized in a multitude of temperature related automation applications.

NEW PM-THC & PM-RTD 1/8 DIN Temperature Meters

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