Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors, the secret ingredient for good coffee

Nilfisk Spa

Thousands of coffee roasting plants in the world have chosen Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors for handling powders and granules. And the coffee has never been so good.

Coffee roasting plants have, among others, a special need: to safeguard the quality of the product, preventing the beans from breaking and the organoleptic properties of the ground coffee from being affected. Eliminating residues from the production line and optimising the movement of the powders and granules without affecting the costs is equally important.

Nilfisk knows this, and this is why its pneumatic conveyors are designed for handling tons of coffee quickly, efficiently, gently and with total hygiene.

EU 1935/2004 approved, Nilfisk conveyors transfer powders and granules from containers to production machines, satisfying the needs for extraction and unloading according to the required quantity, required distances and heights. Their loading/unloading hoppers are equipped with a tangential input that protects the product reducing the risk of granules breaking.

For complete automation of the production line, Nilfisk offers an integrated system of conveyors for processing the coffee, from raw beans to roasted beans to coffee powder. The roasting, grinding and all the steps necessary to give the finished product thus take place reducing the product exposure to external agents, assuring the top level of hygiene. Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors are HACCP approved. Finally, having no moving mechanical components, they have low maintenance costs and can be easily and quickly cleaned.

Relying on Nilfisk means choosing a reliable partner for automation of your roasting and sharing a goal: good quality of your coffee.

Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors, the secret ingredient for good coffee

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