EMO-the world of metalworking

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A honored tour of Derek,EMO 2017,here we come

Derek attended the EMO 2017 exhibition in hannover,Germany,which is famous as the theme "world of metalworking".

the passion for metal cutting is crucial to keep us stay ahead,we believed we will shape the future of manufacturing by constantly struggle.

on-the-spot fair
on-the-spot fair

Featured product-turning tools series

Micro-boring tools with high precision

New-style milling cutters

Structure with a large anterior horn and dynamic slant design,easy for cutting and low vibration. Double faces and 6 teeth, more economical and practical than the traditional tools.

communication face to face

Not only can we provide superb performance cutting tools,but also we provide you with solutions that match the ambitions of your company. Together, we shape the future of manufacturing.

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