Dorin extreme refrigeration

Officine Mario Dorin Spa

Dorin's semi-hermetic compressors are designed to be even more compatible with the features of new refrigerants and market-bound demands for efficiency, reliability and low noise.

The range covers displacements from 4,42 to 244,78 m3/h and nominal capacities from 0,5 to 90 hp.

The main characteristics of the H7 Range, the one in the picture, are:

• displacement volume form 164.3 to 244.78 m3/h,

• high C.O.P. values, thanks to fluid dynamic optimisation of the internal flow paths, high efficiency motors and high tech components,

• suitable for all the main refrigerants available, either HFCs and HCs (ATEX version),

• very low noise level,

• low vibrations, thanks to an optimised mass balance of the internal masses,

• low gas pulsation,

• available on request for frequency variations, ranging from 30 to 70 Hz.

• standard electrical box IP65

H7 Range of compressors are ideal for commercial and industrial application, in medium and low temperature. The wide range of variation of the frequency with the inverter application is granting an optimisation in energy consumption while the ATEX version is satisfying the “green” perspectives of the eco-friendly technicians.


H Series Compressor, 6 cylinders, volumetric displacement 153.52 m3 / h rated engine power 50hp

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