Dorin HEX series: a reference compressor line for R290 applications

Officine Mario Dorin Spa

The use of Hydrocarbons is more and more interesting for the market nowadays due to the new resolutions adopted by the EU in terms of gas regulation.

This trend is driven by several factors, like:

benign refrigerant properties in terms of environmental sustainability (GWP = 3-5).

higher system efficiency and higher COP when compared to standard technology.

high familiarity with the gas.

In particular, clear signals from the market are arising, with an increasing demand for larger compressors for industrial and commercial applications.

Compressor-wise, DORIN has accomplished its tasks with the commercialization of the widest range of compressors on the market, namely HEX RANGE which features:

Displacement of 2.89 m3/h @ 50Hz – 244.78 m3/h @ 50Hz

0.5hp motor– 90hp motor

Standard electrical box IP65 and special oil sight glass where specified.

Enhanced lubrication system with mineral oil with high viscosity (68) for HC (R290 e R1270).

Smooth and silent operation

Very low noise level

Special heads for ranges HEX1,HEX2, HEX32, HEX35 and HEX41

Utmost COP levels

Capability for frequency drive

Special oil differential pressure sensor (standard for HEX5, HEX6 and HEX7) and crankcase heater (standard for entire range), category 3G, protection rating Ex nA

Special accessories, category 3G, protection rating Ex nA applying to crankcase heater, coils for capacity regulation and unloaded start

DORIN has already powered several jobsites worldwide with its

ATEX certified HEX compressor models and the feedback from the field is extremely positive, with end-users and plant owners being extremely satisfied by the overall compressor performances in terms of capacity provided and reliable, smooth and silent compressor operation.

DORIN is therefore expecting a continuous global growth in this specific model sales inquiries and will welcome any information requests.

Chillventa 2014, Nurnberg and ICCS 2014, Mumbai will be a perfect occasion to deeply explore with Officine Mario Dorin SpA this and many other Dorin products with its experienced engineers.

Officine Mario Dorin is a company established in 1918, manufacturing compressors since 1932. Based in the area of Florence (Tuscany), Italy, OMD reaches all over the world thanks to its commercial partnerships and internal technical-commercial personnel. OMD is present in more than 90 countries supplying always perfect and reliable products, following the principle of its founder Mr Mario Dorin "...the main thing is that our products must always be perfect...".

Dorin HEX series: a reference compressor line for R290 applications

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