Conical Vertical Mixer Dryer “RIBOCONE”: multi-purpose equipment specially designed to improve your processes

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Simple design and excellent efficiency customized to your needs.

Conical Vertical Mixer Dryer “RIBOCONE” is a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying, Filtration & (vacuum) drying and heating treatment (for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, for chemical reactions).

The equipment consists of a vertical cone-shaped vessel with specially combination of top placed vortex breakers and helical ribbon agitator with minimal clearance to the side walls enabling the inlet raw materials to be mixed and /or dried uniformly and efficiently resulting in a quality final product. The internal dead free avoid cross contamination and easies cleaning process.

Larger heating surface results in above-average heat transfer through continuous mixing and intensive product contact with the heated side wall, resulting shorter drying time.

The raw materials are lifted upwards along the heated side wall, after which it sinks downwards again inside the process chamber resulting in a uniform temperature and product humidity across the entire product chamber. Its vertical design, and lack of bearing on the bottom of the vessel ensures a quick full product discharge.

Drive and bearings are located outside of the mixing chamber in order to prevent risk of product contamination due to lubricants, amongst others.

To increase its efficiency this equipment is enclosed in a jacket that can be used to heat or cool down the product inside the vessel.

 “RIBOCONE” has been one of our best-selling equipments. More than 450 units have been delivered worldwide for a wide variety of applications such as processing of food, functional food, chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, herbal medicine & nutraceuticals, ceramics, resin, polymers, solvent recovery (explosion-proof model only), among others.

Pilot-plant test facilities available in Japan and Europe.

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Conical Vertical Mixer Dryer “RIBOCONE”: multi-purpose equipment specially designed to improve your processes

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