Fluid Bed Slurry Drying Using Ceramic Balls as Auxiliary Heating Medium

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Continuous Drying of Slurry and Liquid Materials by the Precise Combination of Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer Resulting in a Final Product of Fine Powder with Particle Size Close to its Primary One and Extremely Low Moisture Content.

The slurry or liquid material is continuously fed into the fluid bed chamber which is filled with 1-3mm diameter ceramic balls. As soon as the material gets into the chamber it gets quickly dried by the combination of conduction heat from the heated ceramic balls and by convectional heat from the fluidizing heated air.

The inlet material will adhere to the flowing ceramic balls, will get instantly dry and during the flowing of the ceramic balls in the fluidized chamber the ceramic balls will collide with each other detaching the dried product from the ceramic balls’ surface.

As the product gets dried it becomes lighter allowing to be conveyed by the fluidizing air and then discharged through the dust collector or bag filter housing.

This process guarantees a final product fine powder with particle size close to its primary one and extremely low moisture content.


• Unnecessary atomization of the slurry/ liquid material.

• Wide variety of options such as special grades of steel and surface finishes, customized automation systems, specially designed frames and platforms, closed systems for processing materials that contain flammable solvents, etc., resulting in a customized equipment to match your particular needs.

• Compact design and user friendly operation.

• Designed for easy cleaning, easy maintenance and long operation life.

• R&D model available.

Due to its high efficiency and its compact design “Slurry Dryer” has been widely used for the drying of catalysts, chemical slurries, ceramic slurries, glass slurries, metals slurries, resin slurries, veterinary drugs, volume reduction of waste water and effluents, among others.

Pilot-plant test facilities available in Japan.

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Standard Flow Diagram
Standard Flow Diagram

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