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Centrifugal Thin-Film Vacuum Evaporator EVAPOR

Okawara is glad to announce that Evapor, our best seller liquid concentrator, has been redesigned in order to comply with the latest safety and sanitary standards.

New features improve not only the cleanability of the system but also the safety, ease of use and running costs.

Evapor main features:

a) Suitability for heat sensitive products, high viscous products and products with foaming characteristics.

Best end product quality due to low temperature evaporation under vacuum, very thin and homogenous film liquid (less than 0.1mm) formed by centrifugal force (over 200G) of high-speed spinning rotor cone and extremely short residence time (less than 1 second).

b) Single pass or recirculation operation.

c) Capacity to handle more viscous products than most evaporators in the market (<20,000 mPa-s/ <20,000 cP).

d) Product foaming is minimized by centrifugal force.

e) Hygienic design with easy of cleaning.

f) Evaporation surface can be monitored during operation through the sight glasses and the rotor housing can be easily opened for cleaning and inspection.

g) Quick start up and easy switch-over from operation to cleaning. Speedy, short and uncomplicated washing of the equipment making it ideal to work with different products with no risk of cross contamination.

h) Minimal floor space required due to compact and practical design.

i) Low to medium evaporation rates (30 to 1,200kg/hour pure water evaporation).

j) Made in Japan

k) Over 600 units operating worldwide.

l) Pilot-plant test facilities available in Japan and Europe.

Okawara will be presenting this equipment at Vitafoods Europe 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland) and Achema (Frankfurt, Germany).

Please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.

Pursuing excellence

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