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OPRA Turbines is organizing a series of free webinars on Cogeneration and Trigeneration Applications.

Topic: The OP16 Gas Turbine and Trigeneration Applications

Date: June 28, 2017

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: Complimentary

Key learning objectives:

- Learn about trigeneration technology and its potential applications.

- Learn about the different trigeneration configurations with the OP16 turbine (Integration with thermally activated refrigeration system).

- Learn about economic feasibility and primary energy saving of a trigeneration system using the OP16.

- Learn about fuel flexible and clean gas turbine power.

- Learn about the advantages of a trigeneration system with the OP16 gas turbines in the dairy, breweries, food processing plants and commercial sector.

For more information and to register for one of the webinars, please visit the event section on our website: www.opraturbines.com.

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