NEW TROUBLEBOX Trolley version


TroubleBox is a high performance video recording system specifically designed for the analysis and troubleshooting of high speed industrial manufacturing processes, such as packaging manufacture, bottling and other high speed manufacturing processes.

The benefits of Troublebox are twofold: Firstly, Troublebox provides a user with the ability to obtain a detailed slow-motion insight into the precise mechanisms of a specific production process issue. Secondly, the system functions as a process setup tool, enabling rapid optimisation of machine or process settings, thereby significantly reducing both process down-time and product wastage.

In response to popular demand, Opto is pleased to announce the launch of a new Trolley version of TroubleBox. In this new configuration, TroubleBox and all its peripherals are self contained in a heavy duty metal roller trolley, enabling easy manoeuvring of the system, and secure storage of all peripherals. The trolley can be specified in 2 different versions according to market – a fully stainless steel version for use in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, and a standard painted metal version for most other applications. Both trolley versions feature an external, universally positionable camera monitor enabling viewing from any angle or orientation.

As with all versions of TroubleBox, the new trolley configurations include all the same popular functions as before, including remote recording possibility, battery option, I/O triggers to a wide variety of common machine PLCs, and the same excellent TroublePix software suite onboard, enabling direct export of movie clips to a WiFi network or USB key.

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NEW TROUBLEBOX Trolley version

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