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At World Efficiency Show Peli presents its innovative ecological, durable solutions of Packaging and Lighting

Peli Products
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Peli Products presents at the World Efficiency Show (Hall 1 - Stand 26) solutions for the transport and packaging needs of the industries, with a large selection of durable, permanent and ecological cases, that can be reused again; and lighting systems that are the ecological alternative to generator powered lights.

A case for repeat use packaging

Studies have shown that a durable, permanent packaging solution in shipment and storage is a cost-effective and ecological alternative to disposable packaging. Single use, expendable packaging such as cardboard or wood crates, require time and labour for assembly and disposal, and increase in-transit risk. Therefore, more organisations are changing from regular cardboards and wood cases that can only be used once, to reusable packaging as Peli Cases, offering equipment the best possible protection for transport and repeated use. Cases like Peli’s are a more reliable, cost-effective and ecological solution, and are marking the future of the transport and protection of equipment, tools, devices and machines. With a Peli™ case, the cost is amortized over its life. On some models, it’s recovered in as few as two trips.

Virtually indestructible protection for any equipment

The Peli-Hardigg cases are rugged, watertight, airtight, chemical-resistant, lightweight, durable, impact-resistant and reusable. These cases have been tested in the harshest conditions, and are designed to efficiently keep the sensitive and vital equipment safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and impact. Safe inside, the equipment is protected against drop damage, while the rib design maximises stacking and stability en route. These cases have been used for OEM purposes, for transport of control panels, electronical devices, robots, engines, satellites, UAVs, aircraft parts, just to name a few examples.

Ecological lighting solutions: Peli 9490 and 9480 Remote Area Lighting System

Both RALS are an ecological responsible alternative to generator powered lights. It’s a self-contained system easy to set up, rechargeable and with a swappable battery. With an extra battery the user can double run time.

9490 RALS:

Up to 6.000 lumens (calculated), multi-position deployable mast that telescopes up to 183 cm, up to 24 hours of run time, Intelligent Control (allows for varied light output levels).

9480 RALS:

Up to 4.000 lumens (calculated), Multi-position deployable mast that telescopes up to 60 cm, Up to 28 hours of run time, 3 pre-set light levels.

At World Efficiency Show Peli presents its innovative ecological, durable solutions of Packaging and Lighting

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