Pfeiffer Vacuum presents its vacuum solutions as a new online experience

Pfeiffer Vacuum
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 Focus placed on practical vacuum examples and applications

 Films and 3D animations enhance the existing web experience

Asslar, Germany, January 5, 2015. Just in time for the new year, Pfeiffer Vacuum presents its new vacuum solutions website. Users can discover the wide spectrum of products and their functions in a real-life and practical setting.

The focus is to provide a virtual experience of vacuum solutions. The complete range of Pfeiffer Vacuum products is demonstrated in films, application reports, 3D animations and cross-sections showing products from an inside perspective.

The website presents the world of Pfeiffer Vacuum in seven categories. Futuristic-looking rooms graphically highlight the forward-thinking approach of the company. Aspects shown comprise the company''s history, solutions, markets, applications, efficiency, products, and service.

With its vacuum solutions website, Pfeiffer Vacuum presents a platform that is unique to the market. Sophisticated 3D effects reveal insights into the inner workings of pumps and, at the same time, demonstrate the benefits and uses of the products. Films provide a behind-the-scenes look at pump installations, service repairs and

maintenance. Viewers can virtually attend a training session, or have the features of pumps explained by the product manager.

The vacuum solutions webpage is a customer-oriented, innovative enhancement to Pfeiffer Vacuum''s Internet presence and provides additional practical vacuum information. It is available on the company website or by visiting

Pfeiffer Vacuum presents its vacuum solutions as a new online experience

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