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Silencers are used to reduce the noise produced by the air discharged from the valve to the atmosphere. Silencing mufflers utilize porous sintered bronze air mesh to reduce air exhaust noises from valves, cylinders and other pneumatic products for quiet system operation.

Here you'll find silencers in various types and shapes for all common port sizes.

The filter element is rated for 40 micron filtration.

Fluid Admitted: Compressed Air

Working Pressure: 0—2.0MPa | 0—300psi

Working Temperature: 0—80°C | 32~175°F

Body (noise aborbing material): Sintered Bronze, Sintered Stainless Steel, Polyethlene

Base (thread): Brass Stainless Steel, Polyethlene

Pneumatic Silencers, Air mufflers
Pneumatic Silencers, Air mufflers

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