Pneuflex Tubings

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Pneuflex Tubings

Pneuflex tubings are available in many different configurations to suit pneumatic, hydraulic, wiring, and medical systems, among other applications.

Pneuflex polyurethane PU tubings are inexpensive, universal solution for using with push-in fittings.

Pneuflex nylon tubings are resistant to solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungus, molds,crushing, abrasion and cracking. nylon tubings work wells in hydraulic lines and refrigeration, cooling, and air conditioning systems.

Pneuflex PTFE tubings are well known for their excellent heat resistance — up to 500°F (260℃)continuously and extremely cold temperatures — well below -200°F (128℃). Pneuflex PTFE tubings are chemical resistance to solvents, acids and bases, they are very durable and resistant in general, and are recommended for extreme working conditions.

Pneuflex polyethylene PE tubings are resistant to many aggressive chemical and organic compounds, including acids, bases and salts. Commonly used in air lines, chemical lines, wire jacketing, fluid lines, food & beverage, hospital, and laboratory applications.

Pneuflex Tubings

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