Companies talk about the most precise bag-in-box filling machines

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Politech-Plus has installed its new BIB Formika machines on several factories

Coca-Cola Ichimligi Uzbekistan Ltd (Uzbekistan):

Our company installed the Politech+ semi-automatic baginbox filling machine in October, 2018, for postmix syrups with Brix 65%. The project was urgent for us. The Politech+ company offered a convenient service on the DDU-Tashkent terms and provided the necessary support. The semi-automatic machine is easy to install and set up, so we launched it on our own. When choosing the equipment, we were attracted by the idea of ​two-stage loading by precise weight sensors. This allows to get high filling accuracy, and simplifies maintenance. Accuracy and reliability are the most important to us, due to our quality standards. Politech+ also offered the best value for money for semi-automatic baginbox filling. We plan to cooperate with Politech+ on other projects, including carbonated drinks processing, for significant energy and CO2 savings.

JSC «Belmolproduct», Belgorod (Russia):

The Belmolproduct company purchased a semi-automatic baginbox filling machine BIB Formika from the Politech+ company in September, 2017. The commissioning work was carried out, and the declared filling precision of ± 20 grams was achieved. Obtaining such accuracy is possible within the use of a weighing platform that regulates loading. The semi-automatic machine has high quality, it is made of stainless steel. The machine is easy to operate, the training went quickly. If necessary, all filling steps can be performed manually.

ZAO PO GAMMI , Lyskovo (Russia)

ZAO PO GAMMI purchased the semi-automatic filling machine BIB Formika in June, 2017. The machine has high quality, it is made of stainless steel. The machine is user friendly, so the training process passed quickly. During the commissioning process, there were additional requirements for the machine, which were promptly fulfilled. Operating experience showed compliance with the requirements for devices of this type.

Bag-in-box filling machine
Bag-in-box filling machine

BIB Formika Standard