VXC800, the World’s first continuous 3D printer

Voxeljet VXC800 Brings Real Innovation

VXC800, the World's first continuous 3D printer
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The VXC800 is a massive innovation in the 3D printing world ; it was the first continuous 3D printer. Its impact on 3D printing can be compared with the impact of Henry Ford’s assembly line on modern manufacturing!

The VXC800 allows for building and unpacking to run concurrently. Simply put, the base materials enter one end of the machine, and the finished products exit the other, with no interruption to the manufacturing process. This is made possible by Voxeljet’s innovative horizontal conveyor.

This 3D printer is a high-resolution, large platform machine that has a far higher volumetric output rate than its nearest competitors. It has a build space of 850 mm x 500 mm and can run autonomously through the night to create products that are both highly detailed and well-made. It remains a truly revolutionary technology even within the highly innovative 3D printing industry.