Helico Aerospace Industries
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A quadro copter to film your exploits

The start-up Helico Aerospace Industries came up with AirDog, a simple yet brilliant new concept of filming drone that will please action sport lovers! Built with Stratasys‘ 3D printing technology, the quad-copter is easy to use and adapted to accommodate a standard GoPro camera.

The AirDog idea comes from the frustration of a small team of engineers who are crazy about all kinds of riding and action sports. Before the AirDog, they needed someone to come along to film their exploits for a result that never quite captured the adrenaline pumping action of the moment and fell short of their expectations. This is why they thought of using a quad-copter that could automatically follow them in their every move and easily film everything.

The small flying device functions in a pretty simple way. AirDog hangs around the user thanks to a tracker that follows an AirLeash that the user can put on his wrist. The AirLeash is also a controller that allows the holder to make altitude or distance adjustments as desired. A smartphone app comes along to configure more advanced features.

Great thought was put into the material that has been used for the prototype. Stratasys 3D printing technology enables the incorporation of multiple materials in a single go, while Helico was able to mix rubber-like and rigid materials for the AirLeash. Regarding the quadro-copter, the use of the ULTEM 9085, a production-grade thermoplastic known in the aerospace industry, provided a high strength-to-weight ratio. And since pictures are worth more than a long speech, everything is explained in the following video:


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