Massoud Hassani
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The wind powered deminer

Born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani is now living in the Netherlands but still strongly longs for his homeland. Sadly, Kabul is indeed not a safe place due to remaining landmines spread across the country which are responsible for frequent deaths. Massoud Hassani, as a product designer, is willing to lift this burden.

Knowing that there are at least ten million landmines in Afghanistan and that each one costs approximately $1200, the method used to destroy them has to be inexpensive. Bearing this in mind, Massoud Hassani’s concept, the Mine Kafon, only costs around forty euros.

Let’s see how it works. His landmine detector is powered by the wind, a “free” source of energy, and it simply rolls over the ground to identify hidden mines. When a mine is found, the Mine Kafon makes it detonate. The detector’s structure enables the identification of 3 to 4 mines per journey: only a few of the several bamboo and plastic legs explode when a mine is identified. A GPS chip guides the detector through the desert. The undergoing search for funding will allow the designer to refine and test the detector in Kabul. His ultimate goal is to have the Afghans construct the Mine Kafon themselves and, therefore, transform Afghanistan into a secure country.