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The end of the smog problem

Shanghai and Netherlands-based Daan Roosegaarde spent a period in a hotel in Beijing, facing the OMA’s CCTV building. He quickly came to the evidence that the urban sky was tainted with a grey, low, fog. The “Beijing smog”, obviously impacting on people’s breathing and health. After enduring such an evidence, the designer thought of the best way to “clean” the sky. He naturally came to the conclusion that an electronic vacuum cleaner was his best partner in that matter. Daan Roosegaarde’s technology is based on the creation of a weak electromagnetic field that drags the air components to the ground for cleaning. Coils of copper should be buried underneath the grass and release no toxic residues. With the help of scientists at the University of Delft, the electronic vacuum cleaner has been tested in a 5×5 metre room but, obviously, it is the outdoors performance that is most awaited.

Closely working with the mayor of Beijing, Roosegaarde insists on the new will for the Chinese authorities to progress in enabling its citizens to breathe. Following that intention, a public park will be made available for the first municipal testing, once the technology is fully developed. See you in Beijing in 18 months?

If you have already travelled to Beijing, you will measure the life change this will be for Chinese! Can you imagine massive holes (as large as 60 metres!) in the urban skies with the sun popping out? As the Chinese saying goes, after the smog comes the sun!