Hyperloop: Traveling at the Speed of Sound

Chris O'Brien, DirectIndustry e-magazine
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From the moment Space X founder Elon Musk proposed the Hyperloop concept 3 years ago, he set off a global race to make this futuristic mode of transportation a reality.

Today, a global community of engineers and entrepreneurs has emerged to develop Hyperloop systems that would send people and cargo hurtling through pneumatic tubes at speeds far beyond those of typical airliners.

Dirk Ahlborn is CEO at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), the first startup to begin developing the technology.

"It’s something entirely new, something that’s between a train and a plane. Imagine a capsule full of people or freight moving from one point or the other at the speed of sound. We’re ready to build this, and many big cities want to be our partners."

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Hyperloop: Traveling at the Speed of Sound