EtherCAT Servo/Stepper Controller Flex-6-Nano

Trio Motion Technology Ltd.
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Trio Motion offers its Flex-6-Nano integrated EtherCAT servo/stepper controller designed for high-speed synchronized motion and machine control.

This EtherCAT servo/stepper controller includes factory-loaded modules for 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 axes and with additional motion expansion through add-on axis modules. The DIN-rail mounted system also supports machine I/O and supplementary motion through Trio´s modular Flexslice input, output and axis modules.

The Flex-6 Nano is based on a dual core 1 GHz processor that offers EtherCAT cycle times as low as 125 microseconds enabling efficient motion and machine synchronization. The multitasking operating system includes a comprehensive motion library with electronic gearbox, axis interpolation, maths functions, robotic kinematic transformations and more.

Programming is performed via the TrioBasic motion language or through IEC611-31. Setup, diagnostics, and programming are done through Trio´s Motion Perfect software. The motion controller is fully compatible with the UNIPLAY HMI 7” and 10” color touch screen displays for stand-alone machine interaction.

EtherCAT Servo/Stepper Controller Flex-6-Nano