mA Loop Valve Tester Fluke 710 for HART Control Valves

Fluke Corporation
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Fluke announced its handheld Fluke 710 mA loop valve tester that performs dedicated testing of HART smart control valves.

This mA loop valve tester allows technicians to source the 4-20 mA signal while it interrogates HART data to collect critical information about the valve’s position and status while they are in place.

In addition to positional information, the measured pressure delivered from the valve’s internal I/P (which moves the valve) can be seen with the HART communication protocol.

The tester features an intuitive interface simple, at-a-glance diagnostics , and pre-configured valve tests for reliable and repeatable testing

Test results are stored in the memory where it can be uploaded to the included ValveTrack™ analysis software. ValveTrack allows users to:

Upload and plot logged valve tests taken in the field.

Compare previous uploaded tests to recent tests.

View valve test history by HART Tag ID.

Export valve test data to CSV for additional analysis in Microsoft Excel.

mA Loop Valve Tester Fluke 710 for HART Control Valves

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