Our ToolReg® family is growing - Product Exctension - ToolReg® ¾”


ToolReg® pre-set In-line regulator with pressure relief now also available as ¾“ NPT / BSP for large air tools, auto-nailers etc.

Overpressure in air tools leads to earlier wear and tear and break down. The result is expensive Production stops and waste of energy.

Don´t let overpressure ruin your performance!

The advantages at a glance of the ToolReg® are:

• Supplies air power tools exclusively with the specified pressure = ensure the optimal pressure for your air tool

• Automatic secondary pressure relief

• Tamper proof – locked to prevent pressure change - unauthorized personnel cannot tamper with the pressure

• High flow performance (up to 4.600 Ltrs/Min – 162 scfm)

• High pressure performance – P1 inlet pressure up to 25 bar/355 psig

• Prevents dynamic pressure waste – saves energy – reduces costs

• Increases tool service life

• Light weight – small and compact size

Protect-Air´s In-line preset Regulators prevent „dynamic pressure waste“, which arises when the pressure and the flow at the withdrawal point are unnecessarily higher than those specified by the air tool manufacturers to achieve the desired max. torque of the tool.

See for yourself! Please visit our homepage www.protect-air.com - there you will find many more detailed information about our ToolReg® and other In-line pre set regulators >>

Our ToolReg® family is growing - Product Exctension - ToolReg® ¾”

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