XP 1800 - Portable Equipment for Facing Flanges and Valves

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Surfacing of all types of flanges: 20 to 1800 mm (0.79” to 70.9”) The SERCO XP 1800 machine is designed on the same principles as the XP 1200, with a radial movement machining head. The four mobile clamping arms have been reinforced to maintain the rigidity of the unit when machining diameters up to 1,800 mm (70.9”).



The “FSTG” system for clamping the unit onto the dowel pin bores enables the SERCO XP 1200/1800/2000/2200 machines to be held onto the outside surface of a flange in order to re-machine sealing surfaces and dowel pin bearing surfaces. The SERCO FSTG system does not distort the part in any way, either on the flange when it is being set up or on the bearing surface after being removed

Tiltable head

The tiltable head is designed for boring, for machining RTJ grooves and for conical machining. It is attached to the end of a clamping arm. The results obtained are just as precise.

XP 1800 -  Portable Equipment for Facing Flanges and Valves

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