TT-LW – Orbital Tube Cutting & Beveling | Split-frame Clamshells

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60.3 mm - 610 mm OD (2.374” – 24” OD)

The machines of the TTLW series will simultaneously sever and bevel tubes and pipes while using two tool holders that are advanced incrementally by an automated clutch.

Light weight - Rugged construction - Fast and easy mounting on tubes and pipes - Suited for in-line piping systems - Safe operation - Modular design - Ideal for tight spaces - Dependable orbital cutting and beveling.

The turning ring is rolling on adjustable bearings. The TTLW can perform a cut up to a 25.4 mm (1”) wall on any material and cut and bevel up to 20 mm (.8”). A variety of weld joint designs can be performed including cut, bevel, double bevel, J-bevel, counterbore, compound bevel and socket weld removal.

These machines are the low profile version of the TTNG range. They are portable and can be opened in two half-shells; According to the diameters and wall thicknesses to consider, they can be equipped with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic drive.

Applications: Construction - Repair and Maintenance - Dismantling

Adapted for virtually all environments: Irradiated areas (remote control device on request) - Subsea - Very high or very low temperatures

TT-LW – Orbital Tube Cutting & Beveling | Split-frame Clamshells

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