Getting to know the LCBB Load Cell


Getting to know the LCBB Load Cell

Ideal for belt weighing, marine scales, food industry and in hostile environments, the LCBB is made of stainless steel and protected to a true IP rating of IP68 ie. (hermetically sealed) and with a safe overload of 150%.

We have trimmed all the non-essential fat off these load cells, however, you can be sure that nothing has been trimmed from the actual load cells, they are precision tested and certified to meet all the exacting requirements on the downloadable technical specifications from

The LCBB bending beam load cell has a signal output of 2mV/V of excitation. The linearity is only 0.017%, which means that they have a great accuracy;

Each load cell comes with the standard PT Ltd serial numbered calibration accuracy certificate and our famous 3-year warranty.

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