Liquid Solid Separation of Wash Water

Russell Finex
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Ecuries de la Picaute use the Russell Finex Liquid Solid Separator to remove solids from wash water

Ecuries de la Picaute, a Belgian equestrian centre specializing in rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, helps horses recover from surgery, injuries or accidents using a range of techniques including balneotherapy and physical training. The company approached Russell Finex to find a solution to filter the water that is used during the hydrotherapy sessions.

During the hydrotherapy physical training sessions the horses would excrete in the water, meaning the animal waste needed to be cleaned from the water to prevent unhygienic conditions for employees and horses.

Initially the centre utilized a static sand filter to remove the animal waste from the water, however this filtration system could not handle the required throughput rate. The filter often had to be cleaned manually which was an unpleasant and unhygienic task and resulted in downtime in between or sometimes during training sessions. Therefore, the company sought a separation solution which could efficiently remove solids from water continuously and eliminate downtime, and turned to Russell Finex, global sieving and filtration specialists with over 80 years of experience in the filtration industry. Russell Finex assessed the requirements and offered the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ for testing at the customer’s site.

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is an advanced centrifugal separator with a small footprint, which continuously removes soft or fibrous materials from liquids and slurries. The high capacity Russell Liquid Solid Separator™, which can achieve flow rates of up to 100,000 l/hr, was more than able to meet the required throughput rate of 1,000 l/h.

Contact Russell Finex to find out how a liquid solid separator can clean your process water for re-use.

Liquid Solid Separation of Wash Water

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