Foxconn purchased 16 pcs ESS test chamber from SANWOOD

Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,ltd

ESS test chamber are ready to shipped to Foxconn

AS leader company specialized in computer, communication 3C product development and manufacturing, extensive involvement in digital content, automotive components, access, cloud computing service and new energy, new materials development and application of high and new technology enterprises and ranked 31st on Fortune Global 500. Foxconn have purchased 16 sets of Environmental stress screening chamber from SANWOOD.

As we know Foxconn have strict and high requirements about products, as they choose SANWOOD Chamber, we appreciate their trust and give us the opportunity to prove the quality of SANWOOD products.

On 24 June, the first 8 sets Environmental stress screening chamber are going to shipping to customer. After sales team and quality control team are busy with the last inspection procedure and packing. SANWOOD have responsibility for each chamber we manufactured and guarantee it free from any small defect.

Environmental stress screening chamber mainly used in Aerospace, electronic instruments, material, electronic product area, during the test, the product will undergo the preset stress conditions in order to find out any defection of the product earlier in aspects of components and parts and the use of materials

Product Feature

-Module fabrication technique

-Long defrosting cycles: 700H above

-Intelligent 32 bit measuring and control system with colorful screen. Interface USB and Ethernet

-Programmable power outlet with 4-CH. ON/OFF output control, to ensure safety.

-Independent thermal protector and sensors keep test specimen off over temperature, breezeless and smog.

-Network video monitoring is synchronized with test data.

-APP mobility management.

-Environmental servo refrigerant flow control for energy saving and quick heat-up/cool-down rate

-Uniquely operation mode makes testing zone's temperature back to R.T after test, which protects sample status.

-Automatic reminder of maintenance time of equipment and software of fault records.

-Optional remote service function and video of equipment operation.

Foxconn purchased 16 pcs ESS test chamber from SANWOOD

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