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Rapid temperature change test chamber features:

1. Intelligent control system, automatically start the large compressor working when fast cooling, high temperature insulation and heating process with a small compressor balance temperature to do linear control, to achieve energy efficiency.

2. Energy saving design, high stability and energy efficiency, saving 30% more than peers one year.

3. Controller using the latest algorithm of fuzzy control technology, automatic adjustment of cold coal flow, and effectively take away the heat load of test samples, so as to achieve the best control effect.

4. Can set different stress screening temperature change rate of 5℃/min、10℃/min、15℃/min、20℃/min.

5.Can perform a rapid temperature change (ESS), condensation test, high temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity cycle test etc...

6. Meet the requirements of the electronic equipment product stress screening test.

Product parameters:

1. Temperature range: -70℃~180℃

2. Temperature fluctuation : ±0.5℃

3.Cooling rate: 155.0℃~-65.0℃ (linear or nonlinear:5.0℃、10.0℃、15.0℃、20.0℃/min)

4.Heating rate: -65.0℃~155.0℃ (linear or nonlinear:5.0℃、10.0℃、15.0℃、20.0℃/min)

5.Temperature uniformity: ±1.5℃ (-40.0℃~100.0℃) / ±2.0℃ (100.1℃~180.0℃or-40.0℃~-70.0℃)

6. Humidity control range:10.0%RH~98.0%RH(60℃ above corresponds to 10%RH)

7. Humidity fluctuation:±1.0% RH

8. Humidity uniformity:±2.0%RH

9. Internal material: Adopts 1.2mm thickness stainess steel(SUS304)

10. External material: Adopts 1.5mm thickness Cold rolled steel sheet / powder spraying

11.Heat insulating material: 100mm thickness polyurethane plate+10mm thickness mineral wool

12.Fan: Centrifugal blower

13. Compressor: France Tecumseh, Germany Bock, Germany Bitzer

14.Condenser: Air cooling, water cooling

15.Refrigerant: R404A、R23、R508

16.Evaporator: Fin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger

17.Heater: Nickel chromium alloy heating wire

18. Humidifier: Steam humidifier

19.Operating ambient temperature: +5 ~ 35℃

20.Safety: Adjustable over temperature protection, heater dry burning over temperature protection, humidifier dry burning, over temperature protection, automatic stop operation when troubles occur. Leakage protection function cuts off main power supply

21.Power supply: 380V AC 50/60Hz

22.Controller: Standard: South Korea TEMI-1500; Optional: South Korea TEMI-2500,South Korea TEMI-2700

ESS Test Chamber

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