SANWOOD Environmental Chamber Foreign Trade Skills Exchange Meeting

SANWOOD Environmental Chamber Foreign Trade Skills Exchange Meeting
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Environmental Chamber

Yesterday, SANWOOD was held the last foreign trade skills exchange meeting in 2018.The content of this meeting is the skill of selling environmental chamber.

Foreign trade has always been a highly competitive industry. How to make SANWOOD environmental test chamber stand out in the fierce competition, let international customers know about SANWOOD, use SANWOOD, and finally recognize SANWOOD.

Generally speaking, there are three main marketing methods for foreign trade: 1. Exhibition 2. Channel 3. Social. Based on years of foreign trade experience, the sales explained how to use these three methods to make the environmental chamber stand out from the peers and stand firm in overseas markets. Let us harvest a lot from it.

This foreign trade exchange meeting was a complete success. SANWOOD would like to thank everyone for sharing this wonderfully. Because your sharing is a complete ending for the 2018 foreign trade exchange meeting. We look forward to the 2019 foreign trade sharing meeting more exciting, and I wish you all a happy business in 2019.

We mainly produce:

1. Temperature & humidity test chamber ( Temperature range: -75~+180C, Humidity range: 10%~98%RH)

2. High low temperature test chamber( Temperature range: -75~+180C)

3. UV weathering test chamber

4. Xenon lamp accelerated aging test chamber

5. Ozone accelerated aging test chamber

6. Thermal shock test chamber( Two-zone type and three-zone type)

7. Rapid temperature change test chamber (Heating & cooling rate: 5C/min, 10C/min, 15C/min)

8. Salt spray corrosion test chamber

9. Dust test chamber

10. Rain test chamber

11. Temperature & altitude test chamber

12. Temperature, humidity and vibration combined chamber

13. (Vacuum) drying oven

14. Vibration test system

Joy Li

Guangdong Sanwood Technology Co., Ltd.

ADD: No.88, Songchang Road, Songbotang, Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong

TEL: +86+769-81182799

FAX: +86+769-82987199


SANWOOD Environmental Chamber Foreign Trade Skills Exchange Meeting

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