Efficient load handling at vertical warehouses

Scaglia Indeva

Materials handling is a very important and critical aspect for most industries. An efficient system in this area is necessarily based on two fundamental criteria that are productivity and ergonomics. This task carried out manually by an operator has various limitations including the weight of the load to be lifted and the inevitable physical exertion that in the long term can also lead to musculoskeletal disorders. To improve the efficiency of material handling, Scaglia Indeva, a renown Italian manufacturer of industrial manipulators, provides an effective solution that relieves the weight of the load and allows the operator to keep an ergonomic position also when handling of loads in offset position.

The proposed system is composed of an overhead traveling crane systems with aluminum rails and anchoring brackets that allow a horizontal displacement of the industrial manipulator along the vertical warehouse and a bridge beam that allows the manipulator to move from the warehouse outlet to the operator. Thanks to the manipulator INDEVA model Liftronic loads can be handled with minimal effort.

The manipulator can be equipped with different types of gripping tools that can be exchanged on the same manipulator according to the type of load to be picked up or released from / on the warehouse, in a simple and fast way. There are two types of gripping tools that are used in the majority of cases: INDEVA vacuum gripper that allows to lift cardboard boxes from their top by means of a suction system, and the standard linear chuck for handling rigid cases.

The Liftronic technology feature automatic detection of the weight with immediate load balancing, allowing the operator not to worry about the weight difference between the loads. In fact, they will be balanced automatically by the manipulator offering a fast and fluid work rate. Liftronic of Indeva is the latest generation of industrial manipulators, featuring electronic control which allows for real ergonomic and fluid movements, eliminating materials handling related musculoskeletal disorders, and allowing efficient load handling.

Efficient load handling at vertical warehouses

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