New Indeva Liftronic05

Scaglia Indeva

Scaglia Indeva''s continuous improvement policy extending back over 40 years has introduced many changes. The company is proud to present the Indeva Liftronic®-05, the most cutting edge industrial manipulator in the world.

Liftronic®-05 version represents a further step forward in granting our customers enhanced performances and reduced total cost of ownership. State of the art components and cutting edge technology, together with a thorough optimization of hardware and software configurations, allow further improved high reliability as well as simplified and lower maintenance/replacements requirements.

As an option the new Liftronic-05 can be supplied with a swivel joint that allows continuous rotation of the universal toolhead around the vertical axis.

Liftronic®-05 can also include as optional the triple section Orbit Arm3, which gives total accessibility to all areas within the radius of the arm (no dead space).

With an Indeva Liftronic® 05 the operator can handle loads in an unparalleled natural and intuitive way, with smooth, quick, yet precise movements.

Scaglia INDEVA has been supplying material handling solutions worldwide since 1975 and boasts great expertise in the design of custom lifting tools for all industry sectors.

The INDEVAs are actually an evolution of traditional industrial manipulators

What makes the INDEVAs (Intelligent DEVices for hAndling) different from all the other lifting equipment and traditional industrial manipulators is that they are so sensitive to the operator''s touch that become a natural extension of his own arm. This offers:

Higher productivity: with an INDEVA® it is possible to maintain a high work rate during the entire work cycle.

Improved ergonomics: Fingertip sensitive handle allows you to lift or lower heavy loads by simply touching the handle with a finger. No additional force required when positioning the load or reversing direction.

Higher precision: much more precise and faster than a pneumatic manipulator; an Indeva® allows for unrivalled precision. You will intuitively decide the speed of movement, depending on the situation. No jerks, or unexpected movement; the operator is in perfect control as if he were handling a very light load with his hands only.

User friendly: no button to keep pressed and no load presetting to select between different loads. This is genuine auto weight sense and auto balancing.

New Indeva Liftronic05

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