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New 5-station machine from Schenck RoTec balances electric armatures fully automatically

The new CIVO 5-station machine from Schenck RoTec enables manufacturers of electric armatures to fully automate their balancing processes. The com-pact system is notable for its short cycle times, great flexibility and very easy operation. It is designed for small and medium-sized rotors and can process up to two million electric armatures per annum.

Schenck RoTec, the machine constructor from Darmstadt, once again presents a highly efficient balancing machine as a tailor-made industrial solution. This time it is called CIVO and specialises in fast, reliable and fully automated balancing of small and medium-sized electric armatures. Thanks to its compact execution and flexible design, the machine can be integrated very easily into any configuration for produc-ing electric armatures. The new CIVO can process up to two million electric arma-tures per annum.

High-precision cycle

The CIVO balances up to 5 electric armatures at the same time in its internal pro-cess chamber in a 5-stage, fully automated cycle. It impresses with short cycle times and high precision. Work pieces are moved through this 5-station carousel by a lift-and-turn transport unit, which conveys the electric armatures through the process very quietly, with shock-free acceleration and high positioning accuracy. Whilst the measuring program from Schenck RoTec works through all the tech-nical measurement tasks via the proven CAB 870 unit, unbalance is rectified me-chanically by precision milling in the lamination stacks in one or two levels. The machine can be loaded and unloaded either via a manually operated drawer or by an automatic feed and removal system – the CIVO can be adapted completely to the user's production environment.

The CIVO offers great flexibility with regard to its range of applications. The new balancing machine from Schenck RoTec can be used not only for measuring and balancing typical electric armatures, but also for all rotors of a similar design which allow technical milling. The length of the shafts can be between 80 and 240 mm and the diameters between 3 and 15 mm. The new CIVO's balancing process can also be deployed for armatures with either oblique or straight slots. The op-tion of deploying single or multiple cutters – oriented to the pole pitch - offers additional flexibility.

Balancing and compensation made easy

All the work is made easy for users of the new CIVO. The machine's open design considerably simplifies refitting and maintenance work and both the process chamber and the switch cabinet are very easy to access. The CAB 870 measuring unit has a large touchscreen which guides users through all the stages of balanc-ing and compensation using a logical operating concept with clear displays and symbols. All the main parameters can be input from the CIVO's touchscreen. The touchscreen also displays the measurement results as figures and vector dia-grams. Automated set-up procedures and diagnosis programs make the machine easy to operate and a statistical software application aids documentation for quality assurance purposes.

The CIVO from Schenck RoTec is easy to commission. Thanks to the crane hook, the machine can be moved and installed quite simply. It is ready-for-operation as soon as the power and compressed air supplies have been con-nected. The CIVO can also be linked to overriding production control systems (ERP systems etc.) via a series of different interfaces.

Two million in the carousel

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