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Schenck RoTec introduces its new BARIO balancing machine for crankshafts

Under the name BARIO, Schenck RoTec has launched its new fully automated complete solution for balancing car crankshafts weighing up to 30 kilograms. The modern two station concept for measuring and balancing sets new standards in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Minimal changeover times, simplified maintenance and excellent ease of use mean the BARIO is the pioneer of a new generation of machines. Energy saving processes and highest balancing precision are of course a given.

With the new BARIO, Schenck RoTec is introducing a completely new design of fully automated balancing machine for crankshafts weighing up to 30 kg. It is particulary ground-breaking because of its high degree of flexibility and the radically simplified maintenance of the two station solution. These two benefits ensure the BARIO is perfectly aligned with the latest trend in crankshaft manufacture: the processing of ever smaller production batch sizes of crankshafts. All the machine's operating units are easily accessible, it can be set up with the doors open and components can easily be changed without the need for special tools. For example, the operator needs only three tools for setup of a new crankshaft model. Fast exchange of positions of fixture details that have already been set once is made easier thanks to linear units with position markers. Standardised changeover kits simplify the adaptation to different shaft types. An optional tool changer optimizes the balancing procedure where different diameter correction holes are required. Overall, setup times in comparison with the predecessor model, the KBTK, can be reduced by up to 25%.

Worryfree maintenance

The BARIO's innovative maintenance concept means that the operator can reach all the components that require maintenance – for example the drilling unit or the clamping fixture – in standing position. This applies equally to exchanging the work piece touching details. Thanks to the new swarf management, there are no concerns regarding swarf disposal. This is because, regardless of the BARIO's position, the swarfs are extracted to the rear or alternatively to the side of the machine. Schenck RoTec has refrained from using an energy consuming chips suction and designed an optimised chip funnel to guide the chips into the integrated chip auger. This prevents effectively the chips from contaminating the machine bed or forming nests. Also the use of minimum lubrication ensures the swarf is dry and free from drilling emulsion, there is no post-processing needed.

The BARIO's total energy consumption is another 15-25 % lower than that of the former model KBTK-Compact. SCHENCK has consequently reviewed the design and component selection to avoid inefficient use of energy. Therefore the lift and rotate movements for the internal transport are managed by electrical NC servo axis and not by pneumatics, there is no chip suction, or hydraulics and no conventional coolant. The further reduction in power consumption is due to various measures to reduce the weight and optimize the unbalance correction process further.

Perfect shaft in one step

The CAB 950SmartTouch measuring and control unit ensures that the new BARIO guarantees quality and precision when balancing crankshafts. The self explanatory man-machine-interface provides the operator with easy access to all the functions. Statistical calibration, polar optimised unbalance correction, differential angle measurement (for assymmetric shafts) and the measurement of ambient interference guarantee the highest level of precision. The number of correction drill holes is minimised thanks to the once again improved optimized correction performed by the CAB 950, which reduces the cycle time even for complex tasks. As a rule, the first correction leads to a perfectly balanced crankshaft.

For quality management, the CAB 950 has integrated online statistics with initial unbalance and process analysis and a certified Q-DAS interface (AQDEF). In addition, Schenck RoTec had included its fingerprint analysis tool for status monitoring. This enables the machine's current condition to be derived. Wear and tear or faults can be detected early, which ultimately guarantee consistently high quality of unbalance measuring. In common with all Schenck RoTec balancing machines, the new BARIO is included in the company's global service network via remote maintenance concepts, a 24 hour hotline and technical teams. A high level of availability – essential for any crankshaft manufacturer – is thus assured.

The new efficiency class

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