NEW: absolute pressure transducer by SENSAGGIO SRL

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Innovative pressure sensors

Sensaggio Technologies is a new company that designs, manufactures and distributes ratiometric

pressure sensors. The Sensaggio ratiometric pressure transducer has been originally designed for the HVAC automotive sector to

meet the requirement for another reliable source in a market where the alternatives were almost non existent.

Over the past 2 years it has been approved by 2 major car manufacturers and, exploiting the cost structure needed to be competitive with OEM car manufacturers, the sensor was offered to the HVAC-R industrial and biomedical sector. The Sensaggio ratiometric pressor transducer utilizes a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge with a chemically etched ceramic diaphragm.


• HVaC-T (transportation: bus, truck, ships, trains…)

• Oil system pressure

• Fuel system pressure

• HVaC after market

• aD blue

• HVaC-R (industrial automation)

• Process monitoring

• automation process control

• Data instrumentation

• HVaC-R portable monitoring system

• Biomedical


• PeRFoRManCeS: resistant to extreme temperatures, excellent hysteresis,

high accuracy, fast response time and excellent surge resistance

• CoMPaTiBiLiTY: Suitable for HVAC-R refrigerant gases, also for new gas HFO 1234ze,

R1234yf, R407c, and related oil.

• ReSiSTanCe: suitable for critical applications, with aggressive fluids

• CoMPLianCe: compliant with Rohs and Reach regulation

• Range: 0-700 (psi) 0 -46 (bar)

• 4.20 mamp version in development and release

• TYPe: absolute

• MeDia: air, gases, liquids


• Best quality /cost ratio

• Over voltage resistance

• Fast response time

• Flexibility

• Customization (BRASS, SS, AL)

• Quick delivery «short lead time»

• Manufactured in Western Europe

• Process control inside the company in all production phases

• Reduced weight and size

• Linear pressure ( tolerance ± 1,2% fs at 25 °C, 2% between -40 °C and 110 °C)

• Our r&d team is working on extending the pressure range and the output offer

NEW: absolute pressure transducer by SENSAGGIO SRL

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