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Mechanical amagnetic actuator Rigibelt


RigiBelt is a mechanical amagnetic actuator It is composed of two flexible belts that are embedded into each other like a zipper to form a rigid push and pull column.

From the medical and pharmaceutical sector, to the furnishing and construction industry, from logistics to the aviation industry, RigiBelt is a flexible product that adapts to all environments.

The RigiBelt belts were designed using reinforced plastic and are therefore totally amagnetic. They can be stored in different ways and in a highly compact fashion depending on the available space. The belt transfer movement is jolt-free in a drive case.

The standard RigiBelt actuator can be adapted to your specific application needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your projects.

Specifications and benefits:

• Flexible and amagnetic belts

• Horizontal or vertical transfers

• Easy installation

• Lightweight system

• Strokes from 100 mm to several metres with or without guidance

Mechanical amagnetic actuator Rigibelt

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