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Blastman Beijing Company Established

Shandong Kaitai Group

Blastman Beijing Company Established

Blastman(Beijing) Robotics Co.,Ltd opened officially on September 27th, 2017 in Beijing.

This is a milepost of most advanced European Technology of Robotic Automatic Blasting Cleaning enters in China and will fill the technology gap in domestic market for the Robotic Automatic Blasting Cleaning industry.

Blastman(Beijing) Robotics will rely on the most advanced Robotic Automatic Blasting Cleaning technology in the world which come from the subsidiary company of Shandong Kaitai Group which is the largest manufacturer of all kinds of blasting machinery. The application industry covers the large castings, casting steel factories, railway industry, motor vehicle industry, etc. In these industry, they need the most advanced surface cleaning before coating.

Blastman is the international leading manufacturer of Automatic Blasting Robots, and is also the leading supplier of Automatic Blasting systems for robots. The robot system is the only solution for large & complex parts with highest efficiency in the world, energy efficiency is increased by 30% to 40%.

The Blasting Robot are widely used in industries : machinery, bridges, castings, container, trailer, crane, railway industries, motor vehicles, steel structures, spokes and bogie, wind turbine components and etc.

Blastman Beijing Company Established

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