horizontal steel sheet stretch wrapping machine

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GG1000 horizontal steel sheet wrapping machine is widely used in the exterior wrapping of horizontal objects such as steel sheets/board/door/steel pipes,etc. with stretch film, woven tape or compound paper tape, etc.It makes your products well sealed&protected,looks tidy and convenient for transportation,and improve the packing efficiency greatly.


1.PLC&HMI are optional according to the actual needs;

2. Indicator alarms automatically indicate the trouble occurrence automatically;

3. Photocell sensor is adopted for setting packing position;

4. The turning ring is controlled by a converter. Overlap rate can be adjusted according to 5. the different OD & ID;

6. The work will be safer, more stable and effective with double-ring & double-rub wheel devices;

7. Special conveying device makes load and convey the package easily;

8. To cut the packing cost and make the work more efficient, wide packing belt is the best choice;

9. Separate control panel makes operation & maintenance easily;

10. Material tension can be adjusted automatically.

11. Automatic material feeding and cutting.

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horizontal steel sheet stretch wrapping machine

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