Door shrink wrapping machine

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The door shrink wrapping machine is specially designed for sealing and shrink wrapping of door, window, profile,panel,etc. It is wrapped with PE stretch film that makes the goods look tidier and more stable for transportation. The main purpose of the machine is keeping the goods in a good condition against water, dirt and stained, etc.


1. Can be combined with an automatic production line for shrink wrapping.

2. Adopting photo electricity for setting the products.

3. The sealing width is adjustable for different products.

4. It will seal other three sides automatically with PE, POF film on rolls.

5. Constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system is suitable for PE, PVC, POF etc., industrial standard shrink films.

6. The sealing of door packing machine is firm and nice.

7.This door packing machine is provided with high speed hot air circulating shrink tunnel

8. The feed speed is adjustable, combines a worktable at the end of the tunnel, which makes whole machine runs automatically.

9. . Both automatic and manual feed-in modes are available.

10. It is designed with sealing system which adopts permanently heated seal bar and easy-exchangeable sealing blade without odorous. And the temperature is controlled and detected by PLC.

Door shrink wrapping machine

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