RTP Fiberglass Reinforced Flexible Pipe

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50, 60, 75, 80, 90, 100, 150

2. Working Pressure

Conclude of the RTP pipe technology either in US, Canada or Europe, we can approach to the pressure now as following

ID50- 10 MPA, 15 MPA, 20MPA

ID60- 10 MPA, 15 MPA, 20MPA

ID75- 10 MPA, 15 MPA, 20MPA

ID80- 5MPA, 10 MPA, 15 MPA

ID90- 5MPA, 10 MPA, 15 MPA

ID100- 5MPA, 7MPA, 10 MPA

ID150- 5MPA, 7MPA, 10 MPA

Pipe Machine Design

1. Structure of the RTP pipe




2. Reinforcement Material

The impregnated treatment fiberglass roving is used as the reinforcement, and it is packed in a standard bobbin with bigger diameter about DN300. The glass should select S-glass or E-glass grade. Weight of each bobbin is about 10-12kg, and length is about 2500-3000 meters, tensile of dry fiber is about 0.50N/tex, and after impregnated treatment the single filament tensile is average 2200-2300N. The impregnation material is a kind of polyethylene friend material which has good bonding surface between PE and fiber. One bobbin can produce 1400-1700 meters pipe, working for about 10 hours.

4. Pipe Making Process

Firstly makes the core tube by an extrusion line. And the tube will be coiled on a big coiler.

Move the big coil of tube to RTP pipe making production line for fiber wrapping process. And if the workshop is long enough, also can arrange the fiber wrapping process online.

The impregnated fiberglass will be wrapped on the core tube as the reinforcement layer. There are four wrapping units installed on this production line. Each wrapper covers a single layer of fiberglass on the pipe surface. The fiber is wrapped alternated clockwise and anti-clockwise as a fixed spiral angle of 55.44. Depended on the pipe pressure, the customer can select 2 layers fiber or 4 layers fiber. When use all of the four layers fiber, the entire pipe surface is covered by fiber uniformly. If the customer has special high pressure requirement, then may consider about 6 layers fiber reinforcement.

One extruder will make the HDPE external layer to upon the fiber reinforcement layer. Then after cooling of the pipe, the final finished pipe will be coiled again to a big reel.

RTP Fiberglass Reinforced Flexible Pipe

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