Sinema Server V13 SP2 with extended diagnostic and validation functions

Siemens AG

Update for network management software

With this latest update of the network management software Sinema Server to Version V13 SP2, Siemens is providing primarily a number of extended diagnostic and validation functions. These include added Profinet diagnostic functionality and the capability to detect duplicate IP addresses. The software enables an even more efficient combination of management and monitoring tasks and makes captured data available across the entire system. Open network management software is vital to successful industrial communication. As a network monitoring system, Sinema Server was specially designed for use in plant and machine environments. This efficient software can be used both directly in production cells and also across complete plants. By centrally monitoring the status of all active servers, it provides an overview of the entire production network. With the release of SP2, Sinema Server V13 has been supplemented by a range of new functions, including extended Profinet diagnostic capability, which enables additional diagnostic scope above and beyond the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Simatic. This includes the ability to determine the diagnostic statuses of distributed IO systems such as Simatic ET 200, as these make available channel-selective evaluations on the module level. Extension of the firmware management has meant that the system now also supports Scalance M (DSL and mobile wireless routers) and Scalance S615. Using standards such as OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture), the defined network diagnosis can now be integrated into Scada systems such as WinCC or the process control system PCS7. The update has also extended the software’s validation functionality. In Ethernet-based devices Sinema Server V13 SP2 is now able to detect not only duplicate assignment of device names, IP and MAC addresses but also changing topologies when reading status and diagnostics data.

Sinema Server V13 SP2 with extended diagnostic and validation functions

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