SCALANCE W1750D - Central network management with new Direct Access Point

Siemens AG, Nürnberg

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Siemens is expanding its portfolio of network components with the launch of a new Direct Access Point: the Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45. It transmits in accordance with the latest WLAN Standard IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2. Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45 is capable of transmitting at extremely high data rates, making the device particularly suited for wireless applications requiring high bandwidths. Benefits include the scalable design, central management, eight integrated omnidirectional antennas and simple integration into both new and existing networks. When it comes to secure, rapid wireless communication and data transmission within industrial networks, the Siemens Scalance portfolio contains all the network components needed to ensure reliable operation in all kinds of industrial environments. The Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45 Direct Access Point is the latest addition in the field of wireless communication solutions from the Scalance product spectrum. The device transmits in compliance with the latest Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) standard IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2, enabling significantly faster data rates than were possible with the IEEE 802.11n standard previously supported by Scalance W. Using an integrated virtual WLAN Controller, the Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45 enables the scalable configuration and central control of WLAN networks with up to 64 Access Points. Using the Direct Access Point supporting the frequency band from 2.4 to 5 Gigahertz (GHz), new WLAN networks can be quickly configured and existing ones simply extended. The new Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45 Direct Access Points also adopt the existing network configuration without the need for additional controller hardware or licenses, and fit simply into the virtual network environment. Also already integrated are eight omnidirectional antennas, meaning that the device manages without the need for additional external antenna connections. As both power and data transmission take place over a single line (Power-over-Ethernet), the Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45 is also simple to commission. Its modern low-profile design and minimal weight allow the Scalance W1750D-2IA RJ45 to be mounted simply and flexibly on walls or ceilings. Application possibilities also include e.g., assembly halls with adjacent office, admin or conference rooms, canteens or warehouses, where the device is particularly suited for applications requiring high bandwidths, such as video transmission. As well as a European version, the Direct Access Point is also available in other country variants, for instance for the USA and Japan. For information on the current radio approvals, go to: (German).

SCALANCE W1750D - Central network management with new Direct Access Point

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