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Network communication in 19-inch format

Siemens is expanding the Scalance product portfolio to include new unmanaged Scalance XR-100WG (Work Group) rack switches as well as the managed variant Scalance XR-300WG (Work Group). The new switches come in a 19-inch aluminum housing with a lower overall mounting depth, allowing a large number of Ethernet users to be connected to a network using only a single device. Available in a wide range of variants, the new switches come with up to 28 ports in a 24-volt direct voltage (DC) and 100 to 240 volts alternating voltage (AC) version. To allow sensors and actuators to transmit their data to higher-level controllers and systems, Ethernet switches with a higher port density are useful right from the field level. Siemens has addressed this need by extending its Scalance product family to include a number of new switches. The first is its Scalance XR-100WG (Work Group) unmanaged switch series, which can be simply linked to the network as a plug-and-play solution. Also new is the Scalance XR-300WG (Work Group) seies. As managed switches, these are configurable and offer a webbased management (WBM). The Scalance XR-100WG switches are particularly suited for rack control cabinet mounting in small control rooms Network communication in 19-inch format Siemens expands Scalance portfolio with new managed and unmanaged rack switches and in potentially explosive atmospheres (Atex Zone 2). Another benefit is the 19-inch aluminum housing, which has a low overall mounting depth. The switches of the Scalance XR-100WG series allow a total of up to 24 users to be connected with data rates ranging from 10 to 100 Mbit/s (mega bit per second) using RJ45 copper ports. The switches are available in two variants – either with 100 to 240 volts AC or with a redundant 24-volt DC power supply. The new switches can also be used in larger control centers for the integration of small networks, in this case using the Scalance XR-300WG managed layer 2 version with management functions and the same hardware characteristics as the unmanaged variant. Both with the Scalance XR100-WG and the XR-300WG switches, this allows two devices to be mounted one behind the other for optimum space savings. The Scalance XR-300WG switches also allow a maximum configuration of up to 28 ports and a data transfer volume of 1 Gbit/s (giga bit per second) at each port. The Scalance XR-300WG offer many firmware functionalities such as the configuration of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for structuring larger networks. Ensuring greater availability within networks are redundancy mechanisms such as MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol) and HRP (High Speed Redundancy Protocol) Standby. Where greater distances are involved, this function is supplied by fiber optic transceivers. Extensive diagnostic capability such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) diagnostics for integration into network management systems such as Sinema Server and end-to-end system diagnostics over Profinet simplify system handling and maintenance. This capability also benefits from an option to switch between diagnostic modes in web-based management to enable diagnostics on Scalance XR-300WG devices to be performed using Ethernet/IP-based tools.


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