SINEMA Server V14: Efficient network management

Siemens AG, Nürnberg
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V14 of Sinema Server management software with NAT support

Siemens has released the latest version of its Sinema Server network management and network diagnostic software. V14 comes with an array of software improvements to enable tangibly simpler monitoring and data acquisition across the entire production network of a company. Another major addition is facility for link-up to the open cloudbased IoT (Internet of Things) operating system MindSphere via the Industrial IOT Gateway Ruggedcom RX1400 with MindConnect. Serial machine diagnostic functions now also take place using Network Address Translation (NAT). The new functions also allow network topologies to be displayed more efficiently and in even greater detail than before. Sinema Server, the network management and network diagnostic software from Siemens, provides users with a central status overview of all active servers within a production network. Version 14 of this software has now been released with a range of optimized monitoring and data acquisition functions. V14 allows plant and machine diagnostic data to be captured using Network Address Translation (NAT), for instance, even if the subordinated plants and machines have identical IP addresses. Java Runtime installations are now no longer required, as Sinema Server V14 uses Java Script to display network topologies, which speeds up installation and commissioning of the software on PC-based systems. Another new feature is an upgraded function allowing Internet Standard IPv6 Basic Support. Version V14 of Sinema Server enables the identification of network users with IPv6-IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, meaning that the user has a permanent overview of all IPv4 and IPv6 devices in the network. As regards communication with higher-level systems, V14 also comes with OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) server functionality, which allows seamless integration of defined network diagnostics into Scada systems such as WinCC or PCS 7. In addition, Ruggedcom RX1400 with MindConnect acts as an interface, transmitting diagnostic

data collated with Sinema Server for evaluation and further processing to MindSphere, the open cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) operating system from Siemens.

SINEMA Server V14: Efficient network management

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