‘How to’ make Food Emulsions

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Silverson 'How to' video series

A series of videos produced by Silverson Machines Ltd showing you how to get the best results from key ingredients in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries.

'How to' manufacture Sauces and Dressings
'How to' manufacture Sauces and Dressings

'How to' manufacture Sauces and Dressings

A wide range of products such as salad dressings, mayonnaise, ice creams, flavourings, sauces, etc. are essentially an emulsion. When manufacturing these products, forming a stable emulsion plays an important part in obtaining the right consistency and mouthfeel and optimising the product shelf life. When forming an emulsion, the mixer must be able to reduce the droplets in the oil and aqueous phases until they are uniform and homogeneous. The more shear energy introduced into the mix, the finer the droplets will become, ensuring the phases won't separate. Silverson's High Shear mixers are ideal for this application. They can be used to prepare both the dispersed and continuous phases and can rapidly disperse and hydrate stabilising and thickening agents without forming agglomerates - ensuring a smooth texture in the finished product. Silverson mixers can easily create emulsions with a droplet size of 2 - 5 microns. Finer emulsions can be obtained depending on the formulation. A Silverson Batch mixer is ideal for smaller volumes. For larger volumes, a Silverson In-Line mixer can produce an instantaneous, stable emulsion. Learn more about the preparation of Food Emulsions for: Salad Dressings: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/production-of-salad-dressings-uk Tomato Ketchups: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/manufacture-of-tomato-sauces-and-ketchups-uk Ice Cream Mixes: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/preparation-of-ice-cream-mixes-uk Flavour Emulsions: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/production-of-flavour-emulsions-uk Cream Liqueurs: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/production-of-cream-liqueurs-uk Margarine and Low Fat Spreads: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/preparation-of-margarine-and-low-fat-spreads-uk Mayonnaise: http://www.silverson.co.uk/en/resource-library/application-reports/mayonnaise-manufacture-uk

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