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simatec and ThyssenKrupp team up to effectively lubricate elevator cables in a high rise building

One of the tallest buildings in North Carolina, USA has 48 floors and is 786 feet tall. It has achieved LEED Platinum status by including water-saving plumbing devices, a water storage system that will treat rainwater to be used for cooling tower make-up water, and a green roof. The building is home to several prestigious businesses as well as to shops and restaurants and even contains a rooftop garden.

The elevators on site each other rely on a number of wire cables that propel the elevator cab up and down. These cables must be lubricated on a regular basis or they can prematurely wear. The maintenance team had to manually lubricate each cable with oil which was not only an extremly dirty task but a dangerous one.

ThyssenKrupp's maintenance and service worker, responsible for the elevators of this building, describes how simalube impacts the elevator cable maintenance:

»I feel the simalube product will provide the customer and any inspectors the piece of mind that we are indeed caring for the elevator cable lifting package with the best technology in the industry«.

simalube automatic lubricators provide the proper amount of lubrication to the elevator cables for an entire year. Utilizing the applicator brushes ensures that the oil is applied effectively and consistently. Thanks to simatec, it was possible to implement a safe and cost-effective way to solve a once dangerous and time consuming problem.

simalube benefits for elevator cable lubrication:

■ Time setting lowers maintenance costs

■ Brush applicator keeps cables lubricated and clean

■ Cost effective and much safer vs. manual lubrication

■ Extremly simple to install and activate

■ Guarantees automatic lubrication 24/7 for an entire year

simalube brush
simalube brush

Three simalube lubricators 125 ml are constantly lubricating the elevator ropes.


The same exact cables after simalube lubricators were installed. The simatec brushes not only lubricate the cables but keep them clean as well.


ThyssenKrupp's maintenance and service worker is inspecting the simalube 125 ml filled with oil.


ThyssenKrupp elevator cables before utilizing simatec automatic lubricators. Notice the dirt and debris that have accumulated on the floor.

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